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Kính thưa QÚY LIỆT VỊ,

Trân trọng kính chuyển thơ ngỏ cuả Bs Le Thị Lễ gưỉ Nữ Hoàng ELISABETH II và Thủ Tướng Anh xin can thiệp trả tự do cho các Nam Nữ Anh Hùng của dân tộc ViệtNam hiện đang bị giam giữ, hay bị quản thúc tùy tiện trong nhà tù nhỏ kể cả nhà tù lớn của csvn.
Để giúp đở các nhà tranh đấu sớm thoát khỏi ngục tù csvn, chúng tôi thỉnh cầu các Đảng phái Chính trị, các Tổ chức Tôn giáo, đồng bào trong và ngoài nước tích cực tham gia gửi thư ngỏ theo mẩu đính kèm qua Email hoặc địa chỉ bưu điện. Quý Vị tùy nghi thêm, bớt hoặc bổ túc.
Chúng tôi xin chia vui cùng Nữ Anh Hùng Luật Sư LÊ Thị Công Nhân và các thành viên trong gia đình vừa ra khỏi nhà tù nhỏ, nhưng rất buồn là Luật Sư lại bị vào nhà tù lớn thêm 3 năm nửa.
Rất tiếc, cho đến giờ phút này mà csvn vẫn chưa cảm thông cho nổi khổ đau, cùng cực của đồng bào ruột thịt.

Gs Nguyen Thị Hiền


March, 08, 2010

Email : webeditor@royal.gsx.gov.uk
Tél. (+44) (0) 20 7930 4832

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Email : donotreply@number10.gov.uk

We would like to thank you for kindly intervening again with the Vietnamese authorities, following our request for the prompt release of the people struggling for human rights, freedom, democracy and territorial integrity of Vietnam who have been imprisoned.

Unfortunately, and despite your intervention, the Vietnamese communist authorities continue to violate the freedom of expression and the religious freedom ... They continue to persecute numbers of people, putting in jail innocent people whose only crime is to fight for the respect of human rights, for freedom, democracy and the territorial integrity of Vietnam. Vietnamese courts do not content themselves with house arrest but apply their own arbitrary rule, condemning these people to harsh prison sentences (2 to 16 years). These detainees include:

- Reverend Father NGUYEN Van Ly, seriously ill (a 1st stroke in May 2009 and a 2nd stroke on 14.11.2009), Venerable THICH QUANG DO, Pastor NGUYEN Cong Chinh (severely beaten of late by supporters of the Vietnamese regime), Lawyer LE Thi Cong Nhan (suffering from asthma and serious eye infections), Lawyer NGUYEN Van Dai, Lawyer LE Cong Dinh, Poet & Writer TRAN Khai Thanh Thuy (suffering from severe diabetes), Commander TRAN Anh Kim, Writer NGUYEN Xuan Nghia, Journalist NGUYEN Hoang Hai, Poet NGUYEN Van Tinh, Poet NGUYEN Van Tuc, Poet TRAN Duc Thach, Writer NGUYEN Manh Son, Student NGO Quynh, Writer and Professor VU Hung, Engineer PHAM Van Troi, Engineer NGUYEN Tien Trung, Engineer PHAM Ba Hai, Mrs. PHAM Thanh Nghiem, Mr. NGUYEN Thanh Binh, Journalist TRUONG Minh Duc, Mrs. NGUYEN Kim Nhan, Mr. LE Thang Long, Mrs.TRAN Thi Thu, Mrs .LE Thi Thu Thu, Mr. TRAN Huynh Duy Thuc, Mr. LUONG Van Sinh, Mr. PHAN VAN Sao as well as intellectuals, journalists, blog participants, followers of Cao Dai religion, Hoa Hao Buddhists and hundreds of others. All these people are currently in prison under dreadful conditions (receiving no care, with hardly any food).

The only reasons for their imprisonment are their claims to freedom of religious practice, freedom of expression, of political opinion and of protection of territorial integrity.

But the Vietnamese communist authorities do not only repress the aspiration to a democratic regime...

They also target in an increasingly severe mode religions (Catholic, Buddhist, Hoa Hao Buddhist, Cao Dai). For example, they have destroyed the Holy Cross of the Catholic Church and they prohibit Protestants to practice their religion. By having severely beaten and inflicted cruelties to monks, Buddhist nuns of the Monastery Bat Nha, Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists, they have demonstrated their determination and their cruelty.

Humiliation, intimidation, arbitrariness (despite the law of Vietnam and international law) have become the rules in force in Vietnam. The Vietnamese communist authorities govern the country against the vital interests of the motherland and the people of Vietnam, and scorn international law.

The international community, the United Nations, the European Parliament, political representatives, institutions for the protection of human rights, embassies of democratic countries, medias, the Vietnamese residing in their country and those living abroad, All are very concerned about this situation of permanent violation of human rights and of religious persecution. The Vietnamese communist authorities have put in place a dictatorship, with the domination of a single party, with abuse of power, violence, corruption, political police, fake cases, constraints and extortions of testimony.

In order to stop these acts of oppression, the abuses, the violations of human rights and the deprivation of religious freedom, we demand that you to kindly ask the Vietnamese authorities’ scrupulous observance of Vietnamese and international law:

- that they respect the Treaties of Geneva and Paris on Vietnam and the United Nations Charter;
- that they respect human rights, freedom, democracy, pluralism of political parties, with the introduction of free and general elections supervised by international bodies;

- that they release immediately and unconditionally all those detained persons struggling for the respect for human rights and the Prisoners of conscience. Their imprisonment constitutes a grave violation of human rights, according to Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that the Vietnamese authorities have yet formally approved via their signature. Note that these rights are also clearly stated in the Constitution of Vietnam ...!

If the Vietnamese communist authorities were to be recalcitrant and despise your warnings, then we would be grateful if you could help the Vietnamese people, taking tough measures against them:

- No longer provide any support 'cash' directly to the communist Vietnamese authorities, in order to prevent corruption within local authorities or central Vietnam.

- Directly help poor Vietnamese families by delivering the food and pharmaceutical products (rice, canned goods, medicines, clothes ...) to embassies, NGOs or social organizations (Buddhist, Catholic, Protestant, Cao Dai, Hoa Hoa); do not trust any more the central or local Vietnameseauthorities.

- Bring the Vietnamese authorities before the International Criminal Court in The Hague and / or the Council of Human Rights, the United Nations and / or the European Parliament, and / or criminal courts of Belgium, Argentina, and Spain.

- Expel the Vietnamese authorities from the United Nations, because they do not apply strictly the United Nations Charter but also for the genocide and crimes against humanity that they have not repaired.

Relying faithfully on your high understanding and your kind attention, we convey, HER MAJESTY QUEEN, Mr. PRIME MINISTER, our deep gratefulness and our best regards.

Dr. Le Thi Le

Email : lethile10@gmail.com



Việt Cộng đối ngoại thì nhu nhược, bán nước,
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