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  7. Bàn Ghế Giường
  8. Bán Xe Hơi
  9. Bảo Hiểm
  10. Bói Toán_Phong Thủy
  11. Cây Cá Cảnh
  12. Cần Người_Việc
  13. Cellular Phone
  14. Cà Phê
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  16. Chùa_Nhà Thờ
  17. CơmTháng_Thức Ăn
  18. Computer_Electronics
  19. Chôn Cất, Bia Mộ
  20. Cổ Phiếu-Stock
  21. Dạy Kèm_Giữ Trẻ
  22. Dạy Lái Xe
  23. Dạy Nhạc: Piano...
  24. Dụng cụ Nhà Hàng
  25. Điện_Heat_Air
  26. Đưa Rước
  27. ĐịaỐc_TàiChánh_Tax
  28. Giặt Thảm
  29. Gạch, Thảm, Màn
  30. Giải Trí_Party_TV
  31. Giặt Ủi_Thợ May
  32. Giúp Dọn Nhà
  33. Hoa_Áo Cưới
  34. Khiêu vũ
  35. Làm Vườn_Cắt cỏ
  36. Linh Tinh
  37. Luật Sư_Di Trú
  38. Massage_Relax
  39. Nhà Hàng_Food
  40. Nhập cảng_Xuất cảng
  41. Nhiếp Ảnh_Video
  42. Quà Lưu Niệm_Gift
  43. Sách Báo_In Ấn
  44. Sign_Banner
  45. Sửa Xe_MuaXe
  46. Thẻ Tín Dụng
  47. Thợ Khéo_Ổ Khóa
  48. Thợ Sơn
  49. Tiệm Vàng
  50. Tiệm Bánh
  51. Tìm Thợ_Việc
  52. Tow Xe
  53. Thợ Ống Nước
  54. Thợ May_DryClean
  55. Tiệm Quần Áo
  56. Thuốc Tây
  57. Thuốc Bắc_D.Thảo
  58. Thẩm Mỹ_Tóc_Tay
  59. Võ Thuật
  60. Xây Dựng_Sửa Nhà

Nước mất không phải do giặc mạnh, mà do lòng dân ly tán chưa đoàn kết đứng lên chống giặc !


Trang Cộng Đồng




The time to enjoy your tricky victory is over. Now, you should confront the fact that I did not win the case against you on September 26, 2016 not because "I did not proffer the requisite expert testimony from a qualified ophthalmologist" as your second reason to request the Superior Court of the State of County of San Diego for "This matter must be dismissed as a matter of law" but because of your first reason: "Plaintiff's claim against Dr. Patel is time-barred by the applicable statute of limitation."

Why did I commit this mistake? Because I did not have the intention to sue you in the first place and, second, I was so innocent to trust in the honesty of the doctors' conscience, the one the intemperately greedy vultures like you guys do not have. I misunderstood that my eyes would take time to "adjust" to non-glasses vision instead of to 2.50 dioper glasses and the glare would be gone if my eye dryness would be treated well. If I knew your real cheat with a play-for-time game through Associates' Manager and Owner, I should ask a lawyer to go ahead with the legal proceedings to request damage compensation with hundreds thousands dollars, not $9,998.00 through Small Claim Court, right after the surgery when you gave me the eye prescription with .50 diopter for my far-sightedness and 2.50 diopters for my near-sightedness (and now, after a year and a half of treating by both of you and two other doctors referred to me by you, my the vision became worse with far-sightednes 1.50 and near-sightedness 2.50 diopters) completely worse than my old vision: 1.75 for driving and no glasses for reading, besides the new big problem of glare and two times black-outs with eye pressure was at 65 degrees due to your malpractice.

Everything you did was to be done again by other doctors. For example: The uppper eye lid surgery by Dr. Morton on Feb. 26. 2016 and the restore lensz removal by Dr. Bokosky scheduled on July 28, 2016! Your malpractice was also testified by Dr. Choplin's statement: "I do not put those fancy lenses like restor lenzs in the eyes having glaucoma" and Dr. Debry: "A multifocal lens is not recommended if you have glaucoma."
To avoid the mistake of planting restor lensx in the eye having glaucoma, you made up story that I had glaucoma after your surgery! And this fabricated proof can make your malpractice more serious because glaucoma is an incurable disease which is worse and more dangerous than implanting wrong lenses!

You should know that I'm a NEVER-GIVE-UP man and I cannot repudiate my debt to book publisher, Mr. Huong V. Nguyen, so if your malpractice could not be solved by the court, it should be solved by other means because $6,000 or $10,000 is a small sum of money to doctors like you but it's a fortune or a big debt for man depending on SSI like me. I'm a justice defender and if I cannot defend justice for myself, how can I defend justice for others?! So you can choose between this small sum of money or your disreputable prestige!

If you won't refund me, I will apply these two measures:
1. Post this letter and the following evidences of your practice on your two websites:
- West coast eye care associates
- Patient Satisfaction Survey http://westcoasteyec.wpengine. com/patient-satisfaction- survey/
and on my website with the title: "West coast eye care associates' malpractice" so it can appear near your advertisement when people search your web.

2. I will make a sit-in in front of your office everyday to make known your malprice to all your patients and to those who would be your patients in the near future with this banner: Drs. Patel & Katzman! Malpractice must refund! with all these documents as evidences:

Your malpractice caused me many different kinds of damages:
1. I have to quit my project worth millions of dollars. I wasted 3 years working on it (from 8 am to 11 pm almost everyday) and it needs 3-4 more years to be accomplished. This project income will help me to refund all the medicare bills paid for my health problem so far and also help me not to depend on SSI payments anymore. You destroyed my effort and hope to be self-sufficient, to relieve my burden off the tax payers' shoulders. You also destroyed my opportunity to contribute my part in the Vietnameses literature because this rhyming encyclopedia will help the Vietnamese poets composing their poems more efficiently and perfectly.

2. I cannot work with laptop as I did before even when using four different reading glasses (2.50, 2.75, 3.00 diopter glasses) and a magnifier. I cannot watch TV either.

3. I have problem of glare and halos when driving at noon, afternoon (by sun) or at night (by lights of cars in opposite direction traffic).

4. I cannot continue to fly around the world to drop leaflets in communist countries as a "leaflet cowboy" to call people to rise up to overthrow their dictators. I spent 23 years in communist prison for my just cause, but now I have to abandon it because of your malpractice.

5. You caused my eye dryness and glaucoma more severe because your upper eyelid surgery was to be done again by Dr. Morton on 2.26.16 and your Restor Lensx must be removed by Dr. Bokosky scheduled on 7.28.16. These two doctors belong to Eye Care of San Diego and you are the one who referred me to them.

7. The most important and urgent problem now is to refund this sum of money $9,998.00 ($5,998.00 for lensx implant + $4,000.00 for buying dictionaries and dictionaries' data) to Mr. Huong V. Nguyen, the book publisher who paid in advance for my lens implant cost and data cost because I cannot work on my project any more.

We're living in the market-system nation. Any bad product must be refunded. Samsung has issued a mandatory recall of all phones for replacement or a full refund and it will cost them $1.5 billion in losses even there are only 35 Galaxy Note 7 phones having exploding batteries. I'm a world-renowned Freedom Fighter, so you can't get away with your malpractice without paying damages.

I expect payment in the amount of $9,998.00 made payable to my book publisher named Huong Van Nguyen at my address: Ly Tong, 2932 Chamoune Ave, San Diego CA, 92105-4358 soon. (I can be reached at telephone: 408-644.0467).

If you don't solve this problem, I will apply these two measures 15 days later; that means beginning on October 28, 2016.

San Diego, October 13, 2016

The day King Bhumibol Adulyadej dies at 88 after his 70-year reigning Thailand.
Justice Defender LY TONG



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Lá cờ vàng Việt Nam được chính quyền địa phương vinh danh và luôn được đồng bào trân trọng trong mọi lễ hội






Lá cờ vàng Việt Nam được chính quyền địa phương vinh danh và luôn được đồng bào trân trọng trong mọi lễ hội

Lá cờ vàng Việt Nam được chính quyền địa phương vinh danh và luôn được đồng bào trân trọng trong mọi lễ hội


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